The Principles of Homeopathy – Law of similars

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Similia Similibus Curanter which is known as the “laws of similar” states “that which can cause can cure.” Better known as “like cures like.”  The word homeopathy itself broken down into  Homeo meaning similar and pathy meaning disease describes homeopathic medicine as having the ability to use substances which are capable of producing symptoms in a healthy person to make them sick, can then in turn use the same substance for sick individuals whose symptoms are similar to those produced. For example, while cutting a red onion you can experience burning watery eyes and runny nose with some sneezing.  This is in fact a proving of what the red onion can cause. Therefore, as homeopaths we can use the same substance, the red onion, in a potentized for to treat a person suffering from hay fever who exhibits symptoms of burning running eyes and bland nose running with sneezing. This remedy is called allium cepa.

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