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I am finally, going to start blogging. I haven’t done this before so this should be fun. My spelling is terrible and I rely on spell check so hopefully I will not make too many errors. I know, for certain, that the spelling police are out there and I always provide opportunity for them to correct me. And I love it when they do.

I have so many thoughts through out the day that I have wanted to share them with whomever cares to listen/read.

I will start with a series of homeopathic principals as part of an effort to help people understand what homeopathy really is and what it is not.

Homeopathy is going through an exciting time in Ontario. We, homeopaths, are being regulated. Some of my colleagues are not so happy about it because they think it is a money grab for the government, but I think it is great.

This happened years ago with the chiropractors. Remember? Before people thought chiropractors were quacks but once the government gave permission, by way of validating them, people started to use them more often. Then, health insurance started being offered for their services. How cool is that.

I know things do not happen over night but it is a good step for homeopathy. It gives us credibility and will hopefully weed out the weekend homeopaths. Those are the people who take a 16 hour coarse and start using remedies to treat people, or the sales clerks at stores. Those are the people who do the real damage to homeopathy not to mention to their clients. Shame on them!

But shame on you too if you are self prescribing or having a non homeopath prescribe for you. I have always said “Would you trust your plumber to cut your hair? Then why in heavens name would you trust anyone other than a homeopath to prescribe your homeopathic medicines!!!”

So, let us find out how we go about publishing this thing and how to get people to know i am out there.

Stay tuned for how homeopathy works and how it affects your health and heals your body, mind and soul.

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