For Current Patients

“I want to write to you to say "Thank YOU!!!" from the bottom of my heart for the help you have given me! As you know, I was a basket case before I came to see you. My mind wouldn't shut off and my thoughts were just going around in circles...all day and all night. The lack of sleep really affected my relationships and my spouse was on the verge of leaving me. I was getting no joy out of life at all. I started seeing the Canadian Mental Health and they couldn't help me. The lorazapam that my family physician gave me no longer worked. I was a basket case, that's for sure!

When you gave me my remedy I felt a sensation that went from my head to my toes. I suddenly felt clear headed and the colours around me became vibrant.

I can now sleep for eight hours straight without any drugs of any kind and I almost never drink anymore because I feel no need to. I am truly happy again for the first time in a very long time and to me, you are a miracle worker.

You have changed my life and I will forever be thankful for you and you knowledge!!” NB, Petrolia

After your first consult, now what?

Please contact Lynn if you have any questions or concerns. It is best to leave a voice message on her personal line (519-330-0120) as not all messages get to her when the pharmacy is busy. Please allow 24 hours as Lynn is exceedingly busy with her patient load.

Email and texting are not advised and may be charged a fee of $25.00 for each communication.

Lynn is available all mornings from 9:00-9:30 to answer your calls.

If you get sick after you have begun homeopathic treatment it is extremely important at this time to contact Lynn as it may be a healthy response and we do not want to interfere with the homeopathic curative response.

Homeopathic remedies are gentle medicines and can be antidoted easily in some situations. The following is a good rule of thumb when using any homeopathic remedies.

Ways By Which Medicines May be Antidoted

1) Coffee: Coffee frequently antidotes homeopathic medicines, occasionally after only one cup. Coffee has a drug effect which can bring back the old state even many months or years after successful homeopathic treatment. Please avoid it. Decaffeinated coffee will also antidote. Please also avoid coffee flavored foods and drink (kahlua, coffee ice cream, coffee yogurt etc.) Black tea, herb teas, Coca Cola and other caffeine containing substances generally will not antidote unless you are taking them in large quantities or are especially sensitive to them.

2) Camphor: Skin or mucous membrane application of camphor may antidote medicines. Avoid anything that has significant amounts of camphor, such as deep heat rubs, liniments, Vicks, Ben Gay, Tiger Balm, Carmex, nail polish, Noxzema products, some massage compounds, some cosmetics, many lip balms (Chapstick, Blistex etc.), some Chinese candies, most cough lozenges and others. Even though ingredients don't specifically list camphor (i.e. lip balm) they often have camphor substances such as Mentholatum. Generally, the mere smelling of camphor is not enough to cause a medicine to be antidoted. Also avoid eucalyptus and mothballs.

3) Anything to Which You Are Particularly Sensitive: Avoid any food, chemical, or substance which you know causes severe reactions in y o u r particular system -- i.e., hives or skin eruptions after certain food, odors which make you faint, things which specifically cause asthma, etc. Moderate use of alcohol and tobacco does not generally interfere. However marijuana will usually antidote and cocaine will always antidote and should be avoided.

4) Electric Blankets: Waterbed warmers and heating pads are OK and will not cause a problem.

5) Routine Dental Work: Cleaning of the teeth is OK and does not cause problems. However the actual drilling, and perhaps the chemicals, used in dental work often will antidote homeopathic medicines.

6) Traditional Medicine: Traditional medicines are designed to remove specific symptoms without much regard to the person as a whole. This approach often leads to suppression of the symptoms and antidoting of the homeopathic medicine. Please tell your practitioner about all drugs, strong herbs, diet pills, birth control pills, etc. that you are taking. Under no circumstances should you stop strong traditional medicines without first consulting your homeopathic practitioner. An occasional Tylenol or aspirin will not cause a problem.

7) Skin Medicines: It is not uncommon for homeopathic medicines to bring back old skin symptoms. Please do not use locally applied medicine of any kind without first talking to your practitioner. This is especially true of topical steroids.

8) Solvents: Avoid heavy, prolonged exposure to solvents or fumes especially if working in an enclosed space. Also avoid hair permanents.

9) Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil will antidote.

10) Immunizations: Immunizations may antidote remedies and disrupt the immune system. Please talk to your homeopath before having an immunization.

11) Diagnostic Tests: Blood work will not antidote. Routine X rays are also not a problem. Mammograms or ultrasounds can antidote and MRI's almost always antidote.

12) Other Treatments: The balance of symptoms on all levels is a delicate one, and it can be easily upset. It is best not to mix acupuncture, chiropractic, polarity therapy, psychic healing and other energy plane manipulations with homeopathy. Magnets can antidote.