It brings me great sadness on the Easter Sunday to inform you that I have decided to take a leave of absence.

As many are aware, I returned to school a few years ago. Initially the decision was made in order to provide a sustainable income for myself with hopes that one day I would be able to bring homeopathy into the nursing profession. That dream is still alive within me.

In 2015, the Ministry of Health in Ontario formulated the "College of Homeopaths (CHO)." I supported this movement as it ensure that those individuals, like yourselves would be ensured of having homeopathic care for a reputable and well trained homeopath. In reality, there are individuals who have not registered and still claim to be homeopaths in my community and throughout Ontario without any of the promised repercussions. These individuals are not required to report to a governing body as to continued competency and continued education and do not have to carry malpractice insurance or pay any fees to the governing body of CHO.

In 2018, our fees have almost doubled to renew our license to practice and insurance rates for malpractice have also risen. In review of finances over the last 10 years, after review of all operating costs, unpaind invoices and required fees in accordance with the CHO, Homeopathy For Life has generated an annual income of approximately $2,000.

It breaks my heart and I suffer great grief in the loss of the passion of my soul in being a homeopath. I remain unwavered in the efficacy of homeopathy and do not deny all the healing and blessings of homeopathy I have seen over the past 23 years in dedicated service to my clients and to all homeopaths I have met throughout the world.

Effective, April 1, 2018 at 2200hrs I have to relinquish my certificate to practice. I cannot severe completely from homeopathy at this time so I have chosen to transfer to an inactive class. This requires me to affirm and sign a binding agreement with the CHO that I will not:

1. practice the profession of homeopathy in the province of Ontario

2. supervise the practice of the profession of homeopathy in the province of Ontario

3. make any claim or representation to having any competence in the profession of homeopathy in the province of Ontario

4 use the title "Homeopath" and only use the title "Homeopath (Inactive)

As I have voluntarily declared myself inactive, I am certain that the CHO will monitor any of my activity and fine me in accordance with the agreement I must sign. I implore you to only seek homeopathy with one who has the obligation to this sacred and inspired profession through proper regulation. In doing so you will support myself as well and any other homeopaths who have dedicated their life to this vocation.

My hope are that I will be able to return in full practice in the near future.

Please feel free to contact me for a competent referral to meet your homeopathic needs. The best way to reach me would be via my phone at 519-330-0120.

Thank you for letting me be part of your healing journey with homeopathy.

Kindly, Lynn Comeau